Thank you for considering entrusting me with your or your child’s psychiatric care. I recognize that taking the step to see a therapist might seem intimidating. I also realize that choosing a psychiatrist is an important decision that is influenced by many factors. 

I am a board-certified child, adolescent, adult, and forensic psychiatrist and therapist practicing psychotherapy in San Francisco.  I have a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to patient care and strive to create a safe, therapeutic relationship with those who see me.

Although I am a psychiatrist and can prescribe medications, the bulk of my practice, and what I most enjoy, is providing individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents, couples therapy for adults, corporate consultation work, and play therapy for children. My goals are to make strong, caring connections and to understand you or your child as best as I possibly can.  If medications are indicated, we will have a conversation about why they might be indicated and how you feel about medication.  I will provide you with information to help you make the best decision for you or your child.

Please take a look at my website, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.